Twoja Klinika offers a wide range of facial  treatments from lasers to procedures involving the use of botuline toxin, hyaluronic acid, platelet rich plasma or stem cells.

The following therapies offered at Twoja Klinika are addressed to those seeking skin rejuvenation and also to patients whose needs are related to various dermatologic conditions:

Fotona Q-Switched and Pentagon Grand state-of-the art laser procedures for skin rejuvenation, 3D fractional skin renewal or resurfacing, but  also used in the treatment of acne, rosacea, vascular conditions, pigmentation disorders, scars and other skin lesions.  Twoja Klinika is the only place in the whole Podlasie region where laser therapy is accompanied with the LED Dermalux Tri-wave lamps that support skin regeneration  and stimulate the healing process in  many dermatologic conditions due to the unique combination of different coloured lights,

– anti-aging procedures (botuline toxin, hyaluronic acid, PRP) to improve skin appearance and to  smooth out the appearance of wrinkles, but also for the lip and eye area revitalization or for non-surgical nose correction,

– non-surgical face lift with APTOS threads,

– hair loss  treatment with hair restoration and re-growth,

To ensure patient safety and comfort, specialists at Twoja Klinika use only most renowned  injectables and other dermal products along with the most efficacious devices all of which are quality assured and have prestigious FDA and CE certificates of approval.


ul. Młynowa 38 lok 4/2
tel +48 735 969 555


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