Twoja Klinika offers a variety of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine and anti-age treatment options to treat both aesthetic problems and medical conditions.


 By using the Fotona Q- SWITCHED laser we can completely remove tattoos of all types, including colour tattoos and permanent make-up tattoos. Laser procedures eliminate the infection risk and minimize the likelihood of scarring.


Stretch marks are stubborn and notoriously difficult to treat  with creams or lotions. The sooner you consult a physician to select the best removal strategy the higher your chances for an efficacious and successful therapy. One of the most effective stretch mark removal methods is  CO2 laser treatment.

CO2 laser procedure works best when coupled with platelet rich plasma therapy. PRP ranks among the safest methods employed in aesthetic medicine  due to its 100% biocompatibility and immune neutrality that minimize the risk of allergic response. It is also super-effective as platelet rich plasma contains a wealth of substances triggering  the body’s  self-renewal ability.


An effective method of treatment of excessive sweating in the palms, underarms or feet is by injecting botulinum toxin into the affected areas.  Beneficial effects of  the therapy appear within a couple of days from the application and last from a few months to around a year. Botulinum toxin weakens the nerves that supply the sweat glands: the treatment is quick, well-tolerated and efficacious.

Hyperhidrosis can also be treated with the Fotona Q-Switched laser that permenently destroys the sweat glands by photoselectively heating sweat gland tissue.


Non-surgical liposuction

Aqualyx is the only certified fat-dissolving injection treatment. The method, known as intralipotherapy is claimed to be the safest way of the reduction of fat cells.    

An alternative to traditional liposuction, Aqualyx is by no means its substitute:  intralipotheraphy is non-invasive and does not inflict downtime.


Lipotransfer (lipofilling) is a procedure involving the transplantation of fat from the donor places that abound in adipose tissue (such as tights, hips, buttocks, or the abdomen) to virtually any area of the patient’s body that need to improve their shape or correct imperfections – for example, the eye area, face, chin, neck, buttocks or breasts. Lipotransfer revitalizes the skin and visibly improves its appearance, but it also helps to get rid of unwanted fat.

One of the advantages of this method is the fact that it uses only the patient’s own fat that is a completely natural filler and as such it eliminates the risk of transplant intolerance or rejection.

The hydrophilic gel Aquafilling® bodyline is a unique and  innovative formula that is biocompatible with human tissue, which ensures safety and long-lasting effects. Breast enlargement with   Aquafilling® bodyline is a non-surgical procedure dedicated to those patients who need a natural look without inserts. Aquafilling® bodyline is a safe, minimal-invasive method of body modelling and contouring that can be used to reshape the buttocks, breasts and other areas without pain, scarring or downtime.


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