TWOJA KLINIKA  offers a wide scope of paediatric consultations. Our experienced specialists who work at paediatric hospital wards provide great support to parents looking for  answers to many questions concerning their children’s health and development.

Renata Roszkowska, MD, PhD

Medical consultations related to: 

– the treatment of urinary tract infections

– the initial treatment of voiding dysfunctions and nocturnal enuresis

– diagnostics and  treatment of urinary tract calculi

– initial diagnostics of haematocyturia and proteinuria

– child nutrition

– the treatment of stomach aches and dyspeptic symptoms

– the treatment of defecation dysfunction, acute and chronic diarrhoea

– the treatment of  gastrointestinal motility dysfunctions (including gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation)

– the treatment of respiratory tract infections

Małgorzata Sutuła, MD

Medical consultations related to:

neurology, in particular: neurodevelopmental bases of early childhood development  and psychomotor disorders in children


– respiratory tract infections

Małgorzata Sawicka – Żukowska, MD, PhD

Medical consultations related to:
– paediatric haematology: interpretation of test results, anaemia and thrombocytopenia diagnostics and treatment, diagnostics of coagulation disorders
– paediatric haematology:  diagnostics and treatment of lymphadenopathy, diagnostics of hepatosplenomegaly
– the treatment of respiratory tract infections



TWOJA KLINIKA offers latest generation therapy  with TriWaves LED lamps FOR CHILDREN SUFFERING FROM ATOPIC DERMATITIS. Specially selected and safe wavelengths alleviate the itching and significantly reduce the need for local application of creams and emollients.

LED phototherapy is a clinically proven therapy which will improve the condition of our child’s skin. It reduces inflammation and itching and accelerates the healing of skin irritations and wounds. Regular sessions limit the number of secondary bacterial infections and, thus, reduce the risk of antibiotic therapy.


ul. Młynowa 38 lok 4/2
tel +48 735 969 555


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