Twoja Klinika is a unique and innovative medical and care centre  in the Podlasie region.  Its name translates into  “Your Clinic” not without a reason.  Our offer draws upon state-of-the art trends in dermatology, aesthetic medicine, aesthetic surgery, endocrinology and pediatrics and is addressed to everyone: women and men, adults and children. With our  personalized approach we do not merely treat symptoms, but also look for underlying causes of these symptoms. Also, we create  custom protocols and a detailed treatment plan for each and every patient.

Twoja Klinika ensures  the most effective treatment methods of skin ageing and many skin conditions including  discolouration, vitiligo,  or psoriasis; we also offer laser tattoo removal procedures and a wide range of other laser treatments and LED light therapies.  The Clinic is one of  the very few places where patients may take advantage of their own fat: the lipotransfer  method would quickly and safely take it from where it is unwanted to the areas where it is used to reshape and contour the body.

Twoja Klinika hosts a range of child care health consultations that include:

  • gastroenterology, nephrology, hematology, neurology (in particular, neurodevelopmental foundations of early childhood development and psychomotor disorders), and pediatrics.

To ensure patient safety and comfort, we use only most renowned  injectables and other medical products along with the most efficacious devices all of which are quality assured and have prestigious FDA and CE certificates of approval.   Our staff are  experienced doctors and specialists, whose main goal is to achieve best results while preserving the patient’s natural beauty and well-being.

Twoja Klinika is nestled in a discrete location in the heart of Białystok. We would be happy to see you there.


ul. Młynowa 38 lok 4/2
tel +48 735 969 555


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